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Some of the frequent questions people want to know about online marketing include:

Important Search EnginesWhat Do the Search Engines Want From You?
All of the search engines and directories are after one thing: they want to make sure if they list your site that it will add value to their search engine in the eyes of their visitors. This means they want from you a good site that has good content and is properly listed. They also do not want you to try to trick them or to try to get listed in unfair or manipulative ways.

What Do You Want From the Search Engines?
Often times the single most important thing you want is to be listed high enough on the search engine listings that visitors will be able to find you when they are looking for products and/or services that you offer. This can be a great challenge with over 3 billion web pages out there.

How Do You Get Listed with the Search Engines?
Basically, you have to submit your site to them. You have to make sure you follow the various rules of each of the search engines and directories to ensure proper acceptance and listing of your website. Automated Submissions that send your information to "hundreds" or "thousands" of search engines are seldom effective in getting you listed. Many of the search engines refuse to accept submissions from such automated processes. Usually the best way to do it is to do it by hand.

What Are Some of the Search Engine Rules I Have To Be Careful Not To Break?
Different engines require that you submit only your home page. Others allow you to submit other important pages on your website. Some have rules about how often you can submit. Each of the engines uses their own methods to determine how best to categorize your website. Different website design decisions can cause your website to be rejected. Sections of your website that are "still under construction" can cause you to be rejected. And so on.

How Do You Get Listed in a Way That Allows You To Be Found?
The best ways to ensure serious consideration by the search engines are to make sure you have good content on your website. You need to have good titles, good meta tags, good keywords, good titles, good links, good placement for your keywords and so on. And what is "the best method" will vary from one search engine to the next.

What Happens If I Try to Trick the Search Engines?
Unfortunately, getting listed well in the search engines has become so important that many people try to trick the engines. The engines respond by trying to identify the most common tricks and then often punishing the submitter by blackballing their submission. Sometimes the tricks are subtle enough that you can accidentally break one of the rules without meaning to, which can be a serious mistake. For example, if you mention certain key words too many times, the search engine may decide you are "spamming" them and trying to get a higher listing than you deserve.

What About Paying For Listings?
Paying for placement has become a very real and very important option for many of our customers. There are great reasons to pay for the listings you receive. This way you guarantee the ranking you want at a price that you choose. Generally, this involves paying for keywords. By doing this, you are able to secure a top listing on different engines.

What Does Able Promote Offer To Help?
We can help with all of the following services designed to get your website positioned to send visitors to you:

        • Keyword Research
        • Search Engine Submissions
        • Pay-per-click Placements

How Do I Get Started?
The best way to do it is to contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with additional information.

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