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When people are looking for products and services like yours, they go to search engines and directories where they enter keywords to find what they are looking for. Any competent online marketing strategy must try to understand these keywords that will be used.

Keyword research determines the best online marketing strategy.Finding and Selecting the Best Keywords

We have access to huge databases that contain information about the keywords used by people when they are looking for products and services on the Internet. This helps us find the best keywords to promote your site.

Using Keywords to Optimize Your Website

Knowing the best keywords lets us create the best titles, meta tags, headings, and web page content to market your website. By knowing the words people use to search for you, we can create signposts that lead searchers to you.

Using Keywords to Improve Search Engine Submissions

The keyword research also tells us the number of competitor sites who are also trying to attract visitors using the same keywords. One of our goals is to find important keywords that 1) are used by your visitors, but 2) have not been discovered by your competitors. Targeting these keywords when we submit information to the search engines and directories greatly increase the chances that you will be listed at the top of the listings when visitors search for the products and services you offer. For more on this strategy, click here.

Using Keyword Research to Purchase Pay Per Click Keywords (PPC)

Another great strategy is to "buy your way to the top" of the search engines and directories. We use the keyword research to tell us the most important terms to buy. After all, if you are going to purchase keywords and bring visitors to your website, you want to make sure you have picked the best keywords. For more on this strategy, click here.

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