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Important Search EnginesWhen you come to us, the ultimate question you ask is, "If I make this investment, will it bring a return?" We have developed strong tools and techniques to help you get that return on your investment.

In a time when there are over eight billion web pages out there, it is simply not true that "If you build it, they will come..." They simply will never find you. This is why your Internet marketing initiative becomes so important.

Obviously, your site must be well-designed and have the functionality necessary to accomplish your goals. It should be easy to use and easy for visitors to find what they seek. It should add value over other sites offered by your competitors. And it should give visitors a reason to return.

But there is more...

Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Strategies

We make a distinction between Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing. We believe the Internet offers tremendous resources to get the word out about your products and services in a highly cost-effective way . We believe the best strategy involves the use of both of these approaches.

We help you directly with Internet Marketing issues. We work collaboratively with your advertising agency or your internal staff to design and implement plans using traditional marketing strategies in a way that produces better outcomes than either of them can alone.

Our Basic Approach and Philosophy

Very simply, we offer a range of specialized services from which we select the best combination to meet your needs. This a la carte approach allows us to design strategies that meet your needs, rather than presenting you with a one-package-fits-all approach to online marketing. Our bag of tricks includes:

Web Page Design Consultation

If your web page has design flaws that make it difficult to use or fail to offer what people are seeking then it is hard to accomplish your goals. We can offer advice to make your online presence more effective. (More about web page design for search engine optimization.)

Keyword Research and Keyword Selection.

When people try to find products and services online, they use search engines where they put in keywords. We do the research to learn the keywords they are entering when they try to find the kind of products and services you offer. This helps us know how best to organize your marketing strategy. (More aboutkeyword research and keyword selection.)

Search Engine Submissions and Search Engine Positioning (SEP)

Since the majority of Internet users take advantage of search engines when they want to find something, it is essential that you have a presence in them. Even more important is that you be listed as close to the top of these listings as possible. This requires submission to the top search engines and directories. It also requires a strategy to make sure you stay listed. (More about search engine submissions and search engine positioning.)

Competitor Research

Many of your competitors have established excellent online positions for their products and services. We can help you identify those strategies and give you the option to emulate the ones that work best for you. (More about competitor online marketing research.)

Pay Per Click Placements (also called keyword purchases)

Most people are surprised to learn that you can "buy your way to the top listing" on a search engine. This has become one of the most effective ways to achieve both high visibility and best use of your marketing dollars. Almost all search engines now offer "sponsored links" above the search results. You can have your products and services listed on all of the major engines for just pennies; and it only costs you if someone reads your ad AND clicks on it to visit your website. An excellent solution for bringing in high quality visitors to your website. (More about pay per click (ppc) marketing.)

Link Popularity

An important success element for online marketing is how many other websites link to you. We can help you with strategies to encourage other websites to link to you, which will improve your link popularity, and thus cause you to be listed higher in most search engines.

Traditional Marketing Review

There are a host of traditional marketing strategies that are simply not being done by companies today. Yet they are so simple and can have such a big impact on the effectiveness of their campaigns. We help review your current strategies and provide recommendations on additional elements that can be done to strengthen this effort.

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To learn how we can put these proven marketing strategies to use for you, please call 248-336-7843 so you can make your website into the success you want it to be.

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