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If you want a strong Internet marketing program, it requires good planning. And good planning means doing your homework. And part of that homework means looking at what your competition is doing.

No matter how unique we may think our products and/or services are, the Internet contains a wealth of information about how other companies are presenting and positioning similar products and services.

Competitor Research Tools

We have a variety of tools we use to evaluate your competitor's websites and online marketing strategies. We can tell you which search engines your competitors are listed in, how they are ranking in these engines, what other online partnerships they may have formed, what kind of online promotion services they may be using, and more. By reviewing what your competition is doing, you can then develop your own plans to emulate what is good and capitalize on what they are doing wrong. You can learn from them and avoid costly time and mistakes.

Industry Research

The Internet offers one of the most extraordinary means of researching what is going on in your industry. We can help you to learn what has worked or failed for industry leaders with products and services similar to yours. This again saves you time and money by letting you move ahead with strategies you can be confident in.

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If you want to know how your competitors have been able to achieve their success on the Internet, call us at 248-336-7843 and find out.

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