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Keyword research determines the best online marketing strategy.Critical to any good marketing campaign is determining what has worked and what has not worked in your effort to bring visitor traffic to your website.

We can analyze the visitor traffic to your website. When visitors come to your website and view the pages, there is a log file that is produced. We have a number of tools we use to analyze this log file traffic so we can answer many important questions about your website visitors. Using this kind of analysis, we can help you refine your online marketing strategies by promoting the things we know are working.

Important Questions

Questions like what they are interested in and how to bring them back. Our tools allow extensive analysis of visitor traffic to your website. Essentially, we can analyze the "log files" for your website and use it to tell us things such as:

          • how many visitors have you had?
          • what pages are they looking at?
          • what search engine did they find you in?
          • what keywords did they use to find you?
          • how long did they stay?
          • what days of the week are most of your visitors coming?
          • what hours of the day are your visitors coming?
          • have the search engines been reviewing your site? which ones?
          • what is the typical viewing pattern for your visitors?
          • and so much more...

Think of the Possibilities

By understanding this information, you can significantly improve your marketing efforts. For example, you can:

  • Test the effectiveness of different media buys. For example, if you believe radio is an effective advertising tool, try buying on different stations and different programs. Then review your website statistics to see EXACTLY what the difference is.
  • Compare different media against each other. Try alternating campaigns over a period of several weeks. For example, see if advertising on radio is more likely to increase traffic to your website vs. advertising in the newspaper. Test them both against the value of a direct mail campaign. And then go and see which one produced the best traffic on your website and their impact on sales; you will see the graphs of visitor traffic going up or down, depending on which one works for you.
  • Try emailing different promotional pieces to your customers. The website statistics will clearly show you which ones are producing the most interest.

(For customers who host their websites with us (, you already have direct access to your visitor traffic information. This is free with your web hosting package.)

Please contact us for more information.

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