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By completing the information below, you will provide us with the information we need to do the basic search engine submissions for your organization.

Please note: this is not a free service. It is the starting point for our online marketing process. Customers who have already made arrangements with us for online marketing are asked to complete this form because it will help us to understand your organization and your marketing priorities.

If you have not talked with us yet, please contact us, and we will be pleased to discuss how our services can help promote traffic for your website. You are also welcome to complete this form (not required), which will help us to better understand your needs when we talk.

General Information About Your Company

Company Name:*
Contact Person:*
Address (2):

Web Site to be Promoted

Your web site address:*

Title of Web Site
This is where you provide us with a good title for your web site. It should be 5 to 12 words in length (not more than 60 characters) and include your organization and/or product name along with a descriptive phrase. You may wish to consider something like Able Promote: website marketing, search engine submissions, keyword research, and Internet marketing. We recommend you start with your title and add text to explain what you and/or your company offer.

Enter a title for your
website here:*

Web Site Description
Describe your web site as completely as possible. This should not be more than 200 characters (about 25 words) long. As a suggestion, try using all of your keywords in a normal sentence structure. Avoid unnecessary words. Consider something like web hosting company providing reliable, high quality web site hosting services at affordable prices. Use this section to explain what your web site does.

Enter your website
description here:*

Please enter keywords (2 to 4 word phrases are best) that you think people will enter into search engines when they want to find your business, products or services. The first ones you list are the most important. You should limit this to no more than 8750 characters (about 120 words). Please note that repetition of keywords (the same word found more than 5-7 times) may cause some search engines to refuse to accept your data.


Additional Comments or Questions
Please add any additional comments or questions you may have about the promotion of your web site.

Any additional questions
or comments:

* - These are required fields

To complete this process, just press the Submit Button above. We will contact you if we have any questions. We will also contact you to let you know when the task is complete.

Optional: Fax or Mail the Information to Us
If you would rather mail or fax this information to Able Promote, just print this form, complete it and mail or fax it to us. Or, if you prefer, just contact us and we will be pleased to discuss this in more detail.

Please remember it will take some time after we complete the initial submission process before you can expect to see any real change in traffic to your site. Some search engines are relatively fast while others can take as much as six to twelve weeks after the submission has been made before they will include you in their databases. That is why it is important to start your submission process early.

We will make every effort to submit your web site information to the key search engines. Unfortunately, we can make no guarantees they will accept anyone's submissions. The various search engines and directories establish their own rules for what information they accept, and we cannot change that. We do give you assurance that we will submit your information in a competent manner consistent with the best information available to us at the time of submission.

Thank you for choosing us to help promote your presence on the Internet!

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