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The basic fees for our search engine submission service are given below. You can select any combination of these services to meet your needs.

Component One - Keyword Research
Keyword Research
We can research the best keywords to use to market your website. We have data that tells us the most common keywords people use when they are trying to find products and services like yours. We can also identify the terms to use that will allow you to get the best positioning on the search engines.
Component Two - Search Engine Submission
Basic Submission
This includes the creation of meta tags, submission to the major search engines that accept free submissions, and regular resubmission of your pages as often as the engines allow for a period of 12 months.
Component Three - Visitor Tracking
Visitor Tracking
We will configure visitor tracking systems to allow us to determine how your visitors found your website and what happened when they arrived (did they buy? did they ask for more info?). Special code will be provided to your web developer to install in your website. This will help determine the best use of your marketing dollars.
Component Four - Pay Per Click Submissions
Purchased Keywords
We can set up and manage an account to purchase keywords for you. Our fees are based on 1) creating the account and 2) monthly monitoring of your purchased keywords to ensure performance and budget goals. Additional cost comes from the budget you set for us for the purchase of "click-through" visits to your website.

$75 setup fee per account

$125 per account per month monitoring

$(you decide) per month for visitor traffic to your website

Component Five - Consultation
Individualized Consultation
We can provide you with more detailed consultation services to support individual projects and/or campaigns. We can provide you with either a quote or an hourly rate for these services.

$85 per hour


Firm Quote


* These are the fees charged by third party providers and are subject to increase without notice.


Complete Online Form to Get Started Now
We have created an online form for you to provide us with the information we need to submit your web site to the search engines. You will need to provide us with 1) an accurate title for your web site, 2) a description of your organization, and 3) key words that an Internet user might enter into a search engine when they are looking for a company like yours. After you send this information to us, we will prepare certain information for your site. We will create "meta tags" which you or your web developer will embed in the index page of your web site to help the search engines categorize and list you properly. When this is done, we then submit your site to the top search engines on the Internet. You can complete the online search engine submission form here.

Contact Us with Questions
We understand that this can be a complicated decision and you will want to understand the various elements of the submission process. Please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss this with you in more detail. 

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